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Full Sources[edit | edit source]

  1. Google scholar. Sometimes the full article is not available for free.
  2. Free open source articles.
  3. LibGen. A Reddit thread about how to access LibGen. LibGen at
  4. PLOS.
  5. Pub Med Central from NIH.
  7. 47 million+ journal articles, studies, etc. You must have an URL, DOI, PMID, or search string to find your article.
  8. Not related to Sci-hub.

If your IP is blocked by your country[edit | edit source]

They block it from their DNS servers, so use another DNS server (like OpenDNS) or go directly to the IP.

  1. Use this IP directly for

Collections of sources[edit | edit source]

  1. Directory of Open Access Journals. Not all studies are published in Open Access journals, but you might find something to help you here.
  2. Edutopia.
  3. IDEAS. List of open access journals. 1.8 million articles in full text. Has list of newly added institutions.
  4. IHSN, many studies collected here.
  6. Open Data Network. Search engine for open data.
  7. SciCentral. Some, maybe all these journals, are free.
  8. ScienceDirect. Some are open access journals.
  9. UN data. One stop source for all of UN public data.

More data Sources[edit | edit source]

  1. Analyze Survey Data FREE.
  2. Lots of social-based data sources, from the US gov't and non-profits.
  3. Prisoner data, state and federal. Jail census.
  4. Rockstar data sources. Many data sources here for many things.
  5. Salaries, US, by job and industry.
  6. Uniform Crime Report including officers killed.
  7. Science Direct

Processing large data[edit | edit source]

  1. Processing large CSV files. Excellent! Many non-programmer solutions.