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Raw data sources

Open since October 2015.

  1. Study sources, full. Sources of full studies for free.
  2. Data storage. Archive sites, raw storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, image sharing sites.
  3. Economy. CEO vs worker pay, Healthcare costs, Personal income and taxes, Unemployment, College cost, Debt, US Dollar purchasing power dropping, Small Business.
  4. Education articles.
  5. Farming. Monsanto
  6. Medical. Obesity rates for US and world, also cannabis.
    1. Aluminum and dementia.
    2. Cannabis and marijuana
    3. Coronavirus stuff, death rates calculations, also as compared to normal flu.
    4. Glyphosphate
    5. Obesity and studies.
    6. Vitamins and related supplements.


  1. Chip shortages 2021 and forward.
  2. Examples of shortages during COVID-19, 2019-2022.


  1. Meteorite sites around the world.


  1. Bernie Sanders. Failed hippie on the gov't dole. Meh. Supports socialism yet cannot prove that it works in the long term. Socialism works until you run out of other peoples' money.
  2. Election 2016. Hacked papers found.
  3. The Failure of Mainstream Science through history.
  4. Government hypocrisy
  5. Hillary Clinton. Don't forget the 50+ murders left in her wake.
  6. Political issues. General corruption, et al.
  7. Riots 2020. 2020 Riots that started May 31, 2020.
  8. Trump. Is he reversing campaign promises?


  1. Ch 18 Intellectual Property here as html. I don't like PDF so here is the TPP in html.
  2. Series of PDFs from the New Zealand Gov't.
  3. The official site? NOTE: US exited TPP already.

Declaration of North America

  1. Biden, Trudeau and AMLO release Declaration of North America (DNA)
  2. Biden Whitehouse release about the Declaration of North America (DNA) plan to displace whites via the "diversity" mechanism, open borders, and large illegal immigration of only military-age men.
  3. The ‘Declaration of North America’ removes border security and national sovereignty.


  1. American culture. Cruel and ruthless, or encouraging independence and smart decisions? Probably a bit of both.
  2. America and Basic monthly income. Should America cancel all welfare programs and just give a fixed amount of cash to everyone each month?
  3. Collapse - which countries are in trouble?
  4. Guns
  5. Hacking, skimming, security breaches.
  6. Homeless
  7. Michigan Firearms Laws.
  8. Millennials.
  9. Parenting
  10. Police Corruption
  11. Police shootings - shootings by police and criminals.
  12. Poverty and Welfare
  13. Problems facing the US and western world.
  14. SJWs. The worst this generation has to offer, they are entitled, close-minded, and want to stifle free speech because they cannot handle someone disagreeing with them.
  15. World issues. Greece.

Energy, Alternative

  1. Green energy failures, 78+ issues from killing birds every day, to wind turbine blades being unrecyclable, to the cost of manufacturing solar panels, and the cost of throwing away lithium batteries.
  2. Wind Power, DIY
  3. Solar Power
  4. Wireless Power


  1. Alternative energy
  2. Plastic, biodegradable, including manufacturing types, bacteria that break down plastic, and related items.
  3. Global Climate Dashboard from shows increasing average temperatures, decreasing ice pack, increasing CO2, and other factors you can graph on one page.
  4. Oceans
    1. Pacific ocean
  5. Plastic, reuse
  6. UN Atlas of our Changing Environment. PDF, online Flash book, and mobile version sites here. Lots of before and after pics of environmental issues. July 2018: page is there but images and books are missing.

Climate Change

How to push a narrative: Don't put numbers on your graph so people cannot compare absolute values. Cherry pick facts, and ignore facts that are inconvenient for a narrative. Shame and censor anyone not following the narrative. Follow other cult-like behavior by limiting reading material.

  1. NOAA says the earth is warming, by fractions of a degree Celsius, which is statistically insignificant. NOAA graph. Total warming since 1940 is only 1.8 degrees Celsius.
  2. 2016. Climate change PDF. NIPCC report on climate change. Scientists cannot agree if climate change is happening.

It's not getting warmer

Sea levels over 100 years
Palm beach sandy spit across 100 years.
  1. DDG search for 'climate is cooling'.
  2. OSS foundation. 31,000 scientists say not enough evidence for global warming. The petition is here. OSS article on climate cycles.
  3. Graph: No net warming since 2400BC.
  4. Graph: 36 of 38 super computers failed to predict actual climate change. Graph.
  5. Graph: No global warming for the long term. Graph. Temperature history since 11,000BC.
  6. Graph: Still no long term warming. Graph.
  7. Graph: 1800 years of temperature and precipitation data from China. Graph shows no net global warming.
  8. The climate is actually cooling.
  10. Wikipedia: The very fake Wikipedia page trying to debunk global cooling by cherry picking facts to fit a narrative. Cherry picking facts is not science, that's religion. Wikipedia.
  11. 2013-05-26. Global cooling from Forbes.
  12. 2014-10-07. Global warming means record levels of sea ice cover. NASA.
  13. 2014-10-07. Higher temperatures mean higher sea ice levels. Guardian.
  14. 2015-01-23. Top 10 reasons climate change is a hoax.
  15. 2017-01-05. Earth cooling at fastest rate ever. Net cooling in the troposphere since 1970s.
  16. 2017-01-20. NASA admits it will get colder.
  17. 2017-03-01. Higher temperatures mean record sea ice levels again. Washington Post.
  18. 2017-06-02. Long range weather from 2500 BC to 2040 AD. 2400BC to present there is net global cooling.
  19. 2017-06-02. Dr. Roy Spencer climate change graphs over time. Actual observed temperatures vs predictive models.
  20. 2017-06-02. 2000 years of global temperatures. TLDR: Tree ring data cannot be trusted.
  21. 2017-06-02. Global microwave sea surface temperature. No long-term warming here.
  22. 2018-02-20. Southeast US getting colder from Forbes.
  23. 2018-10-01. NASA sees climate cooling due to less active sun. The New American.
  24. 2018-10-26. Sea ice levels at high record levels. Principia Scientific.
  25. 2019-04-19. Global cooling is a threat. American Thinker.
  26. 2019-05-04. Scientist Peter Ferrera says earth is cooling. Science Times.
  27. 2019-06-03. Global warming means desertification and great lakes at highest levels ever.
    1. Same from Washington Post.
    2. Same from here.


These are all older images so new images are needed to see if the lakes are still shrinking or if they have filled back up again.

  1. Lake Oroville, 2011-2014. Lake levels dropping. Except in 2017 there were a lot of storms and the dam broke and overflowed. Hundreds of people lost their houses and filed liability claims against the state of California, and all claims were all categorically denied.
  2. Enterprise Bridge, Butte Co, CA. 2011-2014.
  3. Aral Sea, yearly pics 2000-2013. Sea levels dropping.
  4. Wikipedia Aral Sea. With images.
  5. Iran's shrinking Great Salt Lake.
  6. Lake Mead, 2000-2004. Lake levels dropping. 2023+ lake levels returning to normal again.
  7. Lake Mead water fell so much it needs a new, lower, intake. Another view of the Lake Mead lowering.
  8. More pictures of Lake Mead high and low. Has neat sliders to see more of one pic or another. Another pic of Lake Mead, before vs after.
  9. Lake Huron was down 18 inches from 2012-2016 but recovered by 2017.


  1. World maps if sea levels went up 216ft. (Unlikely but still interesting to see low areas.)


Aquifers and fracking

  1. Principle aquifers in the US. Has free map of aquifers in the US as a 1.7mb PDF.
  2. USGS Groundwater watch. Levels of ground water, average, above or below average. Low ground water levels are due to several factors such as increased population and poor management of gov't entities. This is especially true in Southern California and neighboring areas where droughts are common.
  3. Map of US aquifers, and US fracking sites.
  4. Fracking wells per county, for US.
  5. Fracking in Michigan, including Kent County. Includes link to list of chemicals used by SkyTruth.
  6. Fracking in water stressed zones. This Nat Geo site requires DRM software that Firefox does not support.
  7. Water contamination in NE Pennsylvania. Map showing number of complaints per township.
  8. Hillary supports fracking. This page was censored.
  9. EPA scientists call foul on study findings, data inconsistent with findings. Page was censored.
  10. EcoWatch Fracking News.
  11. EPA scientists admit to misleading public about dangers of fracking.
  12. How fracking increases earthquakes.
  13. Wikipedia on Hydraulic Fracturing.

Fracking, Anti-fracking orgs

  1. Food and Water watch.
  2. Where companies self-report chemicals used in fracking.
  3. Ground Water Protection Council.
  4. Chemical db by

Fracking and Earthquakes

  1. 2014-07-14 States with fracking see surge in earthquakes.
  2. 2014-09-12 Fracking related to earthquakes, who pays for damage is not clear.
  3. 2015-05-11 CNN Fracking likely cause of earthquakes.

Fracking maps

  1. Drilling maps. Maps of fracking, power plants, and other industrial hazards.
  2. Fraccidents. Fracking accidents map.
  3. FracFocus fracking maps for US. This is more of a search engine which then shows you a map. You can enter a well location in a US state and county and see how it's been affected by fracking.
  4. FracTracker. International, US and US state maps. Click on state then use mouse wheel to zoom and hold left mouse button to pan.

Garbage Patches

  1. Garbage patch maps for world
  2. Info on the Pacific garbage patch
  3. Pacific garbage patch from Nat Geo. 46% of the garbage is fishing nets. 70% of the plastic sinks.
  4. Google maps California garbage patch. California is one of the most populated states in the US.


Blog about poisons in food, supported by many studies. Includes some articles about sustainability.

Heat and Drought

  1. Number of days over 100F, Summer 2012. Map of US. 2012 was hot, even for Michigan where temperatures reached 112F in my area.

Ice Caps and Snow Pack decreasing

  1. Arctic News blog.
  2. Shrinking ice caps, 1980-2011.
  3. Melting glacier, 1911-2009.
  4. Mendenhall glacier, 1993-2010.
  5. Melting Muir Glacier, Alaska, 1941-2004.Another Muir Glacier comparison, 1891-2005.
  6. Sperry Glacier, MT, 1913-2008.
  7. California snow pack decreasing. 2013-2014.
  8. Greenland cumulative ice melt days, 1979-2007 vs 2012.
  9. Average US snowfall. Map.

Ebooks, free, sources

  1. Baen free library. Lots of sci-fi and fantasy novels by top authors here.
  2. Digital Public Library of America. Not just a list of books, it's like an encyclopedia.
  3. First Book. 8 million free books online.
  4. Open Ebooks. A US gov't initiative to provide free ebooks. This is an app, which means it will not run on many e-reader only devices like Kobos. It needs a full tablet to run. It should work on Android. To get a code to run the app you need to sign up at This service might be for non-profit orgs, and public schools only.
  5. Project Gutenberg. Thousands of free ebooks in many formats like EPUB, PDF, HTML. Nearly all are ones that are out of copyright so they are older books at least 80 years old. They also have an Android app so you can get and read their books on your tablet. More info on tablets and apps here. Gutenberg has ebooks in HTML format (one HTML page per book), EPUB with and without images, Kindle format, PDF, plain UTF-8 text, and more. You can save books to Dropbox, Onedrive, or Google Drive, or download them locally to your computer. The Text files are hard-wrapped, that is, one paragraph is not one line, it is multiple lines, broken by carriage returns.
    1. Audio books: It has some audio books, just search for the book title and look for the speaker icon. To search for audio books, go here, choose Category one of the Audio Book types. Or choose a "Filetype" of "Audio book index".
    2. Search for Gutenberg apps here. But not all these apps are made by Gutenberg. I'm having trouble finding the official Gutenberg app. The Gutenberg app I have can search for books if you are connected to WIFI and download them to your tablet.
    3. Gutenberg mirror site list in ASCII table format.
    4. Gutenberg list of all books. The zip file of the complete index. This page has a book index by year.
  6. Google Books has it's own Android app here but be aware they censor things heavily.
  7. History, Myths, and Legends

Ebook reader apps, Android

These are apps that run on Android tablets.

  1. Moon reader pro, my favorite ereader. It supports many open ebook formats, which means it cannot support Kindle formats as they are Protected Intellectual Properties, i.e. closed formats. This is the free version of Moon Reader. The Pro version is very cheap, and has more features.


  1. Sources for free studies and free ebooks on Pastebin. 30+ sources so far.

Computer stuff

  1. Computer help or programming help. StackExchange has very strict rules.
  2. Ebay, highlight usernames for good or bad.
  3. Hardware like hard drives, file system partition limits, etc.
  4. Inventions. Electric, or super MPG cars.
  5. Javascript
  6. Perl. Perl stuff, perl 2 exe, etc.


  1. Portable Freeware sites. "Portable freeware" means the programs do not write Windows registry entries, they tend to save settings in the program dir itself, so the programs can be run from a USB/flash drive, or "pen drive", aka "thumb drive". "Freeware" means the programs are free to use.

Shared and virtual private servers

Updated Jan 16, 2024. 2024 update: cost of plans have increased a lot. Check website for more detailed info.

  1. Wikimedia servers wiki entry.
  2. $7.99/mo (12 month term) gets: 1 website, 100 GB space, unlimited bandwidth, 100 email accounts, 10 MySQL databases (1GB ea). Controlled by cPanel.
  3. Wiki hosting services from Shows feature comparison table. Some free wikis have limits on what you can do with them or what content they can have.
Wiki server farms/hosts
Service name Normal Monthly cost (USD) Can Use Own domain Notes
Bluehost $10.99/mo YES Cheaper with 3 year pay. They will help you rent a domain and collect payment for it. This was an introductory price only, the price goes up quite a bit after 3 years. Online stores, Wordpress hosting (includes website builder), Wiki.
Cloudways $14/mo Git integration, free one-click SSL installation. See website for many different plans.
Milesweb $3.50usd/mo YES Free wiki transfer, free 10 Mysql dbs, 25 email accts, 5GB storage, security (read-only)
Hostknox. $6/mo YES Free website transfer.
Shoutwiki Free with ads YES Free import?
Tiddlyhost Free tiddler subdomain Replaces Tiddlyspot. Never deletes old wikis. Store your own Tiddlywiki here. See Tiddlywiki uses it's own wiki language but also supports Markdown.

Projects and Info

  1. Electronics
  2. Gardening

Wikipedia dumps

  1. Wikipedia torrents. 11GB+ for one single file. Directory to download via web.
  2. Simple Wikipedia for English.
  3. English bz2 files. These are in multiple parts, you probably want the single part in a torrent above. More Wikipedia dumps in HTML, XML and other formats.
  4. Instructions for various Wikipedia downloads including readers, formats, etc. Most recent HTML format is 2008.
  5. Internet archive Wikipedia dumps. Careful, some are quite old.
  6. Kiwix software reads Wikipedia in ZIM files. Various zip files in various languages for Kiwix. Includes versions with no pictures ("nopic" in filename) and simple Wikipedia ("Simple").Other Kiwix ZIM files for Wikipedia are here. This includes English Wikipedia and Simple Wikipedia (with simpler language), and many other languages. Latest English Wikipedia: Aug 2015.
  7. Wikifilter offline reader reads Wikipedia dumps. WikiFilter is both a wiki text parser and a web filter. It converts wiki text stored in a wiki data-base (dump) file into html text, and sends the html text to the web browser. It requires
    1. a local XML dump file from here
    2. a web server like Apache
    3. a web browser like Firefox or Chrome
    4. Microsoft Windows
  8. WikiTaxi reads bz2 files. For Windows. It should run on a USB flash drive provided the flash drive was reformatted with exFAT file system because of the large 11GB+ bz2 files that are needed. Imports BZ2 files and converts them to .taxi files. So you will need at least twice the space that the BZ2 file takes up on your drive.
  9. WP-MIRROR manages multiple local copies of Wikipedia and related Wikipedia projects. Debian package only, also works on Ubuntu. Try running Ubuntu as a VM under windows.

Misc stuff

  1. My Firefox add-ons.
  2. Google Chrome add-ons. These also work for Brave and other Chromium-based browsers.
  3. AI - Artificial Intelligence. Free, some you need a cell phone to register, some you don't.
  4. About Free Speech. By XKCD.
  5. HP Envy 700-074 Config: 12GB ram, intel core i5 4430 @3.0ghz, intel 4600 HD graphics (uses main memory), Windows 8 64-bit. The Intel HD Graphics P4600 processor-based graphics will support Microsoft DirectX11.1,* OpenGL* 4.0, OpenCL* 1.2 and DirectCompute 5.0 standards.
  6. Greasemonkey script Change strings to other strings. Also at Github.
  7. Primitive Skills

Wiki stuff