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This is a list pointing to free ebooks about history, myths, legends, etc. Many sites often offer the ebooks in many formats including html, EPUB, PDF, and sometimes plain TXT.

  1. Irish History, Myths and Legends.

Fairies, Dwarves, Brownies, Bogles, Goblins, Gnomes, and Little People[edit | edit source]

  1. Fairy Tales from All Nations. by Anthony R. Montalba.
  2. A Philological Essay Concerning the Pygmies of the Ancients. by Edward Tyson.
  3. The Indian Fairy Book: From the Original Legends. by Cornelius Mathews. Stories from the American West.
  4. Brownies and Bogles. by Louise Imogen Guiney.
  5. The Scottish Fairy Book. by Elizabeth W. Grierson.
  6. The Fairy Book. by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik.
  7. Irish Fairy Tales. by James Stephens.
  8. Celtic Fairy Tales.
  9. Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry.
  10. The Irish Fairy Book.
  11. The Orange Fairy Book. by Andrew Lang. Part of a series of "Color Fairy Book".
  12. Heros, Myths and Legends of the British Race. by M I Ebbutt.
  13. Welsh Fairy Tales. by William Elliot Griffis.
  14. The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries. by W. Y. Evans Wentz. 1909. A study of various beliefs in the Celtic world. It mentions the Tuatha de Danaan (or the Sidhe), the Sidhe as a spirit race, King Arthur, the Celtic Otherworld, Celtic ideas about rebirth, uses of megaliths, fairies and trees.
  15. The Fairy Mythology. by Thomas Keightley. 1892. Superstitions of several countries.
  16. The Islands of Magic: Legends, Folk, and Fairy Tales From the Azores. by Ells.
  17. British Goblins: Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions. by Wirt Sikes.
  18. Fairies and Folk of Ireland. by William Henry Frost.