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Problems with US schools

A mix of viewpoints of primarily US education.

  1. Teacher threatens lower grades if banned terms are used. Like "tranny", "illegal aliens", etc. Washington State University.
  2. Overprotected kids prevent them from learning by experience. Helicopter parents kill their kids' self-esteem.
  3. 10 Outrageous Zero Tolerance Follies of 2014.
  4. Advanced little girl gets in trouble for writing in cursive. Teacher discourages learning. Kansas.
  5. Ahmed Mohammed withdraws from school after teacher mistakenly calls his homemade clock a bomb. Police arrest Ahmed. Irving, Texas.
  6. $75 million teacher pay incentive did not improve achievement. New York City schools.
  7. Free speech petitioners told they'll be 'locked up' at DuPage.
  8. Ohio lowers the bar on standard test scores to improve the number of proficient students. Ohio.
  9. Alabama puts stickers in biology textbooks telling students to question 'unproven' evolution. Alabama.
  10. List of 70 lawsuits of male students against universities accusing them of sexual misconduct and violating their due process.
  11. Computers (in the classroom) do not improve results from BBC news and OECD report.

Free Learning sites

  1. Khan Academy. One of the big sites.
  2. Inspiring, creative ideas and concepts. Free videos.
  3. ABCya. Free learning games for kids grades K-5.

Open Access Research

Free access to scientific papers.