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How to highlight Ebay usernames for good or bad, using FoxReplace. FoxReplace uses regular expressions to change HTML of a page, and can even change CSS by putting raw CSS in the style attribute of an element. Stylus and Stylish can only change CSS, and require CSS selectors, which does not work on all websites, so FoxReplace is the solution.

Jan 2017

Note: usernames do not appear in the Ebay search results screen so they cannot be highlighted. The username only appears on the product screen. This tool only highlights the username on the product screen, not the search results or your purchases list.

  1. First get Foxreplace from here and install it into Firefox. Restart Firefox if it asks you to do that.
  2. Now get my JSON file from here (http://pastebin.com/ybae1dgX), and save it as foxreplace.json. Remember which folder you saved it in! My JSON file also includes code to make the Pastebin "edit" button green. You can take that out via the FoxReplace options screen if you want. Do not under any circumstances edit the JSON file you downloaded or it may not work.
  3. Go to the Firefox Add-ons manager by hitting CTRL-SH-A.
  4. Find FoxReplace and click it's Options button. This is the main options screen.
  5. Click Import. Import the foxreplace.json file you created above. You can also click Import from URL by giving it the URL to the actual file. There is nothing extra in the json file on Pastebin to cause problems.
  6. FoxReplace can have more than one "replace group" which can contain more than one "replace instructions".
  7. Make any changes to each "replace group" that you want. The group named "EbayUserGreen" lists all usernames to change to green if you like to buy from that user. Click the name "EbayUserGreen", then click the Edit button.
  8. Another window will appear and you will see 2 tabs: URL (which contains the URLS to apply these replace instructions to) and Substitutions (which contains one or more "replace instructions"). Click the Substitutions tab.
  9. To change any user name, click on the name and click the Edit button. The "replace" and "with" boxes will get populated with the instruction. In the "with" text box you can change the CSS style, color, font size, of the new text. To the right of the "with" box click OK when you are done editing.
  10. Click OK to exit this option window and go back to the main option window.
  11. Click OK again to save the changes and exit the FoxReplace main options window.
  12. To backup your changes, on the main FoxReplace options window, click the Export button, and save the JSON file in a safe place, like on a flash drive.

NOTES[edit | edit source]

  1. My JSON file also includes highlighting usernames in yellow if they take more than 30 days to get their products to me.
  2. I highlight usernames in green if they have good followup skills or good return policy.

Images[edit | edit source]

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Username highlighted in green on product screen.
This user's shipments take 35+ days to get to me.
Ebay search results contained no usernames at the time this was written. Search results now contain usernames.