Riots 2020

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Notes on riots of May 31, 2020.

  1. 2020-0531. Property destruction and looting in Grand Rapids, MI riots. 48 hour curfew declared. No one can be out except going to/from work.
  2. 2020-0531. Ohio extends mass-gathering ban until July 1, 2020. #corruption
  3. 2020-0531. #Antifa destroys their own cars in Portland, Oregon, when a practical joker put conservative bumper stickers over their Marxist bumper stickers. When Antifa found the conservative stickers, they destroyed the cars, which happened to be theirs. and
  4. 2020-0531. Violent, racist #Antifa attacks black and minority businesses in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan on the night of May 31, 2020. Police respond with tear gas, Antifa reps seen paying people to smash windows and destroy property. 7 people arrested so far. This particular area downtown is known for many minority residents and businesses. The GR mayor declared a civil emergency and called on the National Guard to help, and a curfew was set for 48 hours. No one could be outside during the curfew from 7pm to 5am except to go to and from work. The next day Conservatives got together to help clean up the liberal mess.
  5. 2020-0601. Trump to declare #Antifa an terrorist group. From his tweet: #terrorism #Trump
  6. 2020-0601. Attorney General William Barr's statement on riots and domestic terrorism. #terrorism #riots
  7. 2020-0601. #Antifa organizer paying rioters to break stuff. #riots
  8. 2020-0601. Parents of violent racist #Antifa rioter turn him in.
  9. 2020-0601. Madison, Wisconson refuses to arrest looters and vandals but sends watchers to enforce church service ban. #liberals #antifa #crime #corruption
  10. 2020-0601. #Antifa looters loot a gun store in Philadelphia, one Antifa dead. Gun store owner questioned and released. #crime Philly mayor says "Looting has consequences."
  11. 2020-0602. Former #Antifa member says Antifa is the problem. #Terrorism